What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?

With all the changes that have been made to visas in recent times, it is difficult for those who wish to enter Saudi Arabia. You’ll learn everything you need to know about visas and how to apply for them.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Business/Commercial Use

The most common and easiest visa type to Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. This permits an individual to visit Saudi Arabia on behalf of their business or other organization, provided they have received an invitation from a previous customer. The process for applying can be completed online , at any point prior to the date of departure as that you fulfill specific requirements, such as having enough funds in the account of one particular firm that will offer funds upon request after you are you are on the territory of the kingdom.

When a client would like to take their loved ones to an event, they should first sign through the doors and then patiently wait while this particular office runs its business. Sometimes it can take up to three months. All schedules have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city. Invitations will be sent out without surprises or delays. You will be satisfied that someone special is going to join you soon.

2. Visit to Work

Keep in mind that one of the quintessential points about a business visa is that it will be paid by your US employer. Therefore, you will not receive any direct compensation from Saudi hosts. If this is something that you suspect they might have done wrong ensure that their application for permission to work in the US has been completed prior to arriving to Saudi Arabia. But remember: it’s still being processed just like other forms have to be so expect some changes in dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored visa is the third most popular and easiest visa for working. This type of permit is obtained through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their personnel at the Embassy when applying. However, less evidence will be required of the applicant for this type of. The approval usually happens within a few days and is absolutely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family visit visas are very difficult to obtain because they require proof of your connection to the person. If you are visiting grandparents the requirements are marriage licenses or birth certificates. However, it is crucial to establish a connection between the client and you.

5. Visa for Residence

The residence visa is intended for people who would like to relocate or live in KSA. This type of paper comes exclusively from the Ministry of Interior. It is linked directly to your Iqama card. Also, you’ll need an employment-based license. The invitation provided by them will be yellow , but make sure not to hang around too long before checking out what’s on the surface as there are important details about applicants that shouldn’t be lost.

6. Work Visa

The process of obtaining a work permit in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. The most difficult visa is one that requires that you be employed by your employer, and get benefits. This will only be possible if your employer offers direct hiring. The majority of people have to undergo several recruitment firms before they are assessed for employment.

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