Ways To Enjoy A Desert Safari

The vast, open deserts are a great destination for an action-packed safari. There are many opportunities and activities to enjoy in this area like quad biking, camel riding or Sandboarding. Certain campsites provide traditional activities such as falconry and henna painting.

Although there are many different ways you can experience the desert safari’s brutality, nighttime safaris may be the best option. There is no sunlight exposure so the temperature won’t rise over 55 ° C.

A well-planned trip is essential to have a memorable safari. You will have a memorable adventure in one of the last great wildernesses on Earth If you are prepared for these things before you go. Here are some suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable:

Comfortable Clothes

Light and loose clothing is the best way of preparing for a desert safari. You can wear cotton pants, shorts and flip-flops/open shoes to keep sand out of your footwear when you are doing activities that can cause problems, such as walking through the rocky terrain and deep dunes close to where you’ll camp overnight. It’s hot out so don’t wear too many jewelry. But, sunscreen is a must, especially if you see storm clouds approaching you while we’re walking through the area before dinner.

Consider the activities you’ll be performing when deciding on clothing. For instance, if a camel ride will likely take up most of your time then it might be best not to wear clothing that could get in the way or discomfort yourself during long periods without moving around too much.

You Should Pay Attention To the Instructors

Desert safaris are an excellent opportunity to experience the outdoors. One of the more adventurous activities you can do during this trip is rough but not impossible! You’ll be driving on steep hills in the dune-bashing session. All participants must pay attention to your driver or guide and listen carefully before proceeding. There could still be hazardous rocks beneath loose sand that might result in accidents.

Be sure to have the right equipment

It is not necessary to bring much on a desert safari. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a good idea for desert safaris. They keep the sun out, shield your eyes from sand and keep you safe.

Choose the best timing

In winter, the temperatures are lower and the number of people fewer. This lets you take in more of the desert with breathtaking views of mountains covered in snow.

Pick A Camera

The desert is a place with stunning views and endless possibilities. There are plenty of photographic opportunities on safari even if you’re only taking photos from one spot for hours. Because the sun’s rays can be extremely strong, you’ll need an extra battery.

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