Is The Lightsaber The Ultimate Movie Weapon?

Star Wars, George Lucas’s film franchise, changed cinema forever. It was a groundbreaking film for its time and, even more important was that it set high standards by which other films have been judged or to be compared. The science fiction films of the past were typically B-grade films that utilized poor special effects rather than realistic ones.

One blockbuster movie stands out among the rest in the field of blockbuster movies. Damnation Alley, the film that depicted a nuclear disaster was a huge hit with its special effects decades later. If you look at the comparison between Star Wars to this movie, it is clear the reason why they invested the more money in production. 20th Century Fox was short by comparison and cost $17 million. LucasFilm’s current estimates estimate that their cost was about 170 million. Damnation Alley production wasn’t without its challenges. The most significant issue was that post-production adjustments caused massive damage that was difficult to undo in the time prior to the invention of videotapes.

This video shows that the power is there. While the output tone should be clear and professional, I’m taking off-topic for just a few seconds. Star Wars had a significant influence on cinema’s profitability. Not only did it promote merchandising better than any other film (even though they added lightsabers) and also, these gadgets were also so popular with the fans that ownership rates of employees skyrocketed.

The lightsaber trend that spread across the nation like wildfire created a new market and drove major sales increases. Because these toys are so loved by all children, demand rapidly outpaced supply. Retail prices rose steadily due to Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers being perfected. They were soon being sold on stores across America as inexpensive replicas.

What is it that makes the lightsaber beloved? There were numerous Star Wars toys. This one was different because it brought back old memories in us, when knights rode along on horses, swinging swords like Excalibur (although it’s not the way it actually happened). Lucas took advantage of this to create Jedi Order of Knighthoods, an organization committed to fighting evil with lightsabers. Tradition is superior and there’s no doubt about that.

The lightsaber’s coolness factor and the fact that it could be extended to extend your self through Force is what made it stand out from other sci-fi weapons. You become one with this deadly blade; that is influenced by legends about Samurai warriors that were forced to be born with skillful hands (and feet). You almost need to have these abilities in order to use them.

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