All You Need To Know About Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Designers and developers are increasingly creating sites that cater to mobile devices, as this is where the majority of their income comes from. To ensure that you have a great UX on smaller screens, it is important for developers/designers who work in the field of web design or development to be proficient in designing these websites as they are crucial in the creation of an app-based website which needs special attention given its limited space; this will require fast loading times, as most people log onto their phones to check their email during lunchtime.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May blossoms. This is the reason we’re getting more rounded corners as well as brighter hues on web pages. Backgrounds have evolved from 90deg angles for design elements such as avatars on profiles or form input. Now you can use intriguing angles to keep your users interested. It is crucial to make sure that your website is in line with the latest fashions. This helps to build trust between your potential customers and you.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are helping to make animated websites more popular. These scripts permit you to make your site more than just a way to read printed texts. They also allow interaction between the user (and elements of the page) that was previously limited by the limitations of images.

Sites are getting increasingly interactive. While not reverting back to the 1990s ugly design pages, page transitions, and sliding information panels can be utilized to make your website appear more engaging. This increased interactivity can drive traffic to websites that generate revenues, which can lead to a greater per-visit rate (RPV).


As companies seek to keep their websites’ traffic high and not have them sent off-site in the first place, the HTML 5 tag is becoming more becoming popular. There are numerous platforms that allow you to host video content, which includes streaming. This has led many businesses to realize that they can perform this better than YouTube and other third-party providers. The tags let the company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated into your website. They also provide you with a an array of choices for players.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are becoming increasingly popular. You can use the use of these backgrounds to increase the level of engagement with customers. They can boost the conversion rate by providing more details than traditional images. In addition, they are more accessible for those who may not be able to read texts.

Video backgrounds are an effective strategy to improve brand recognition and increase the number of people who return. It can be used to promote general goals and for specific types of marketing, for instance eCommerce content strategies and video marketing. This allows you to boost your website’s time to market and increase customer engagement.

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