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A panel of experts comprised of the industry's most prominent designers, creative directors, bloggers, and agencies takes on the difficult job of evaluating the skill and work put in the online projects submitted to lettriq on a regular basis.

Mission & Vission

Every person in a company should be working toward the same goal. In many instances, the mission is often known as such. In the eyes of its followers, the goal may be implicit or explicit. A mission statement is typically easy to understand since it expresses it succinctly.

A vision of success for an organization's customers and the company itself may provide a reference point. Even while doing this may be extremely motivational when making long-term decisions, it is best to explicitly write out that objective in the mission statement.

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We are a goal-oriented organization committed to achieving our members' goals via efficient planning and coordination of activities. It is founded on the notions of delegation of responsibilities among organizational members, as well as authority and responsibility.